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May 23rd, 2016 at 12:32 pm

Graphcat 6.40 for Corel WordPerfect X8 and Windows 10

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News: Graphcat for Corel WordPerfect X8 is available now.

Bought Graphcat in 2016: You get a free upgrade! Bought ANY past version: You get a half-off discount!
Contact Science Translations for upgrades. Include your contact information as it would have appeared at the time of your original purchase of Graphcat.

Graphcat 6.40 adds support for Corel’s new version X8 of WordPerfect, and for Windows 10.

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January 16th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Windows 8 Shortcuts, Free Chart to Print at PC410.com

shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows 8 Shortcuts, free chart from www.pc410.com/keyboard

There’s a new keyboard shortcuts chart, updated for the new (and touch-screen enabled) Windows 8, over at our sister site, PC410.com. It’s free, and already formatted for printing.

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June 15th, 2012 at 10:55 am

Graphcat 6.2 for Corel WordPerfect X6 is Available Now

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News: Graphcat for Corel WordPerfect X6 has begun shipping.
Orders placed during 2012 will receive FREE upgrades to Graphcat version 6.2.

Graphcat 6.2 adds support for Corel WordPerfect X6.

Setup is now easier, and auto-detects versions of WordPerfect installed, from 10 through X6–that’s 10, 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, and X6. The Graphcat installation program autodetects installed versions of WordPerfect, and can install for all detected versions in one easy installation.

Upgrades are available at half-price. Contact Science Translations–include your contact information from the time of your original order for Graphcat (any version, any platform).

For anyone using WordPerfect, Graphcat, and a high-resolution camera, there’s news:
Corel has fixed the error message “The graphic cannot be opened because its width or height exceeds 27 inches.” WordPerfect X4 (and above) can handle large pictures (our tests go up as high as 12 Megapixels, so far), so Graphcat can now handle high-resolution pictures as well.

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May 17th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Graphcat 6.2 Coming Soon for Corel WordPerfect X6

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Graphcat will have a minor upgrade within the next few weeks, to add support for the new Corel WordPerfect Office X6.

Anyone who purchased Graphcat during 2012 will be eligible for a FREE upgrade. For all previous purchasers of Graphcat, any edition or version, a half-price coupon will become available when Graphcat 6.2 is released.

Graphcat 6.2 will support versions of Graphcat from 10 through X6. Older versions are available on request to paid users of Graphcat.

Jerry Stern, Author
Graphcat Photo Cataloger for Corel WordPerfect, from 5.1 through X6
In our 21st Year, and Counting…

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April 26th, 2012 at 10:44 am

WordPerfect X6 Available Soon


The current version of Graphcat will not run on WordPerfect X6. Upgrade news coming soon…

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November 6th, 2010 at 1:03 pm

WordPerfect X5 Updated to SP1, version

Graphcat 6.1 has been tested in combination with Service Pack 1, and there are no problems.

The update is available from inside WordPerfect, through the Help menu–choose ‘Check for Updates’ or directly from Corel, here:

From Corel’s announcement:

New Features and Improvements

Besides adding even more stability to WordPerfect Office X5, Service Pack 1 provides document management enhancements, file compatibility updates to the DOC and DOCX formats, and improvements to the Web services and printing features.

Specific enhancements include:

* Improved compatibility with Microsoft® Office—and specifically, with Microsoft Office changes to formatting between versions 2007 and 2010
* Improved support for OpenType® and Type 1 fonts
* Expanded support for Microsoft® SharePoint® and Web services

This service pack also includes these customer requested enhancements:

* Reverting the default file-open filter to *.* in WordPerfect
* Supporting the insertion of graphics in PDF output on multi-core computers
* Improving table responsiveness during date insertion

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May 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am

Graphcat 6.1 released, Update for Corel WordPerfect X5

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Graphcat 6.1 is available now. The new release of Graphcat Photo Album Builder and Clip Art Cataloger adds support for Corel’s new release X5 of WordPerfect, and updates installation support of Graphcat in Windows 7, in both 64-bit and 32-editions.

Free downloadable upgrades are available on request to all purchasers of Graphcat during 2010.

Discounted upgrades are available for purchasers of Graphcat in any previous edition, any platform, any operating system; contact Science Translations support for a $10 upgrade coupon, and include your contact information (address, phone, email) used at the time of the original purchase.

GRAPHCAT creates editable photo and art catalogs and albums in Corel WordPerfect.

GRAPHCAT is a set of macro packages for Corel WordPerfect. The macros read any directory and create a printable catalog of the graphics files they find. All graphics file formats supported by WordPerfect can be inventoried and cataloged by GRAPHCAT, and any printer supported by WordPerfect may be used, including the PDF export in WordPerfect’s version X3 or above.

Graphcat’s printouts may be completely custom designed, if you wish, or you can use the default settings of four columns and 1″ height for each image, which results in 28 images per page (on US letter paper). Any combination of columns and image heights may be chosen for a catalog. International users: Graphcat will accept measurements in metric measurements as well as inches, and uses your default paper size, whether it is A4, US Letter, or Landscape.

Each catalog can be identified with a title of your choice, or Graphcat can provide an automatic catalog title of “Clip Art in ” and the path and directory that was searched. The new graphics formats supported by each new release of WordPerfect carries over to Graphcat, including support for JPG, GIF, and PNG images in recent versions of WordPerfect.

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April 30th, 2010 at 8:22 am

‘Array error’ in Graphcat and WordPerfect 11

I’ve had a few reports of an ‘array error’ in Graphcat, always in WordPerfect 11. Here’s the fix:

The message happens only in the initial release of WordPerfect 11. In the Help, About WordPerfect… menu entry, the version number is identified as

Since WordPerfect 11 was released, there have been three service packs. The fully-updated version is Graphcat will run properly with version (service pack 1) or higher.

To download service packs for WordPerfect 11, visit Corel.
The list of patches for WordPerfect 11 is at http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite/us/en/Content/1153321224268?pid=1208716795352.

Do read the directions for installing service packs on WordPerfect 11–the original program CD is required.

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March 23rd, 2010 at 9:00 am

Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Provides New Online Collaboration Tools

X5 Adds Unrivaled PDF Support and Legendary Formatting Features for Today’s Office Professionals

OTTAWA & WASHINGTON — Mar 23, 2010 Today at FOSE 2010, Corel Corporation introduced Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5, the newest version of the world’s leading alternative to Microsoft® Office. Delivering enhanced online collaboration tools, a new integrated email client and expanded file format support, the latest version of WordPerfect Office has been designed to offer users even greater flexibility in how they work, both online and offline.

“For more than 20 years, WordPerfect Office has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of users by providing essential tools and innovations that are designed specifically to address the evolving needs of our customers,” said Jason Larock, Director of Product Management for Corel’s Office Productivity group. “With WordPerfect Office X5, we’ve expanded the scope of our suite, to provide customers with a unique solution that addresses the new requirements of an online-offline workflow while enhancing the formatting features and PDF tools that our users have come to rely on.”
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October 22nd, 2009 at 9:00 am

Graphcat is a Windows 7 Front Runner

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FrontRunner for Windows 7News: Graphcat has been updated for 64-bit Windows 7.

Graphcat 6.01 adds support for Windows 7, all editions, including 64-bit. (If you are using version 6.0, you don’t need to upgrade to 6.01; the new version updates installation issues for Graphcat running in WP X4 installed in Windows 7, 64-bit.)

WordPerfect X4 and Graphcat 6.0 now support large photographs.

Upgrades are available at half-price. Contact Science Translations for a discount code, or for directions for making an offline payment. Include your contact information from the time of your original order for Graphcat (any version, any platform).

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