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published by Science Translations

June 19th, 2020 at 10:07 am

Graphcat 6.6 for WordPerfect 2020

There’s a new Graphcat, adding support for the new WordPerfect 2020 just released by Corel.

WordPerfect 2020 adds OpenDocument format for WordPerfect documents, more EPUB eBook options. There’s a list of new features at WordPerfect.com

Graphcat 6.6 now runs in WordPerfect 2020, with support for all versions back to WordPerfect 10. (Older version support is available free to registered users on request, all the way back to WordPerfect 5.1, from back in 1990.)

Half-price upgrades from previous versions are still available; ask for a discount code on the contact page, and be sure to include your contact information from when you originally purchased Graphcat.