WordPerfect Photo Album Catalogs & Clip Art

published by Science Translations

Photo Albums, Catalogs, Slide Shows, More…

Various WP users have created various projects with Graphcat, because these catalogs and albums are EDITABLE WordPerfect documents. Among others, we’ve seen:

A slide show of photographs. It’s easy to do. Create the catalog on a landscape paper size, with 1 column, image height of around 7″, small margins, centering ON, no borders. Edit the catalog to delete the ‘header a’ code–that removes the page numbering and titles. Export the catalog to PDF format. Now it’s a slideshow, and pressing the right arrow key moves to the next image.

Photo Proof set. Results in 2 image-per-page prints. Choose 1 column, 4″ height, centered images.

Coloring Book sample A coloring book. There are instructions and a tutorial online–see ‘Coloring Books in WordPerfect‘.(PDF, 93 Kb)

Abe Martin Lodge Graphcat Sample: Abe Martin Lodge (PDF, 438 Kb)

Wood Clips Humor CatalogGraphcat Sample: Wood Clips Humor 1 Catalog: Bonus clipart, FREE with purchase of Graphcat (PDF, 147 Kb)

Shareware Industry Awards 2008Graphcat Sample: Shareware Industry Awards 2008,
Award presentation, Paul Mayer, Terry Jepson (PDF, 41 Kb)