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Article Reprints: WordPerfect

Jerry Stern of Science Translations is the author of other works besides Graphcat, including over 100 magazine articles, and served as editor of ASPects (the monthly newsletter of the Association of Software Professionals) from 1997 to 2015. Here are just the articles about WordPerfect. Some of these are available as reprints.

Sharing a PC,WordPerfect Magazine, October 1994 Reprint 57 Kb

8 Painless Ways to Leave DOS Behind, WordPerfect for Windows Magazine, June, 1994 Reprint 91 Kb

Have Macro, Will Travel: 10 Rules for Creating a Universal Macro, The WordPerfectionist, July 1993 Reprint 72 Kb

Macro of the Month: Special Character Menu, with Alison B. Bushon, The WordPerfectionist, July 1993 Article 115 Kb

Card Tricks, WordPerfect Magazine, May 1992 Reprint 86 Kb

The Big and Tall of Dot Matrix, WordPerfect Magazine, February 1991 Reprint 62 Kb

Easy Editing Codes Tip, WordPerfect Magazine, February 1994

Table of Contents Made Easy, with Angela Ash, WordPerfect Magazine, August 1993

Yes in Any Language, The WordPerfectionist, June 1993

You May Have Already Won $20 Million Dollars…: The use (and abuse) of mail merge, The Baltimore Computer Times, December 1992

One Computer: Multiple Users, The WordPerfectionist, December 1992

Flavor of the Month: A Clip Art Compendium (Review: Presentation Task Force, Federal Logos, Symbols and Seals, Yesterday’s Art, MasterClips, PicturePak), The Baltimore Computer Times, November 1992

Stylish Newsletters and Culture Correspondence: How to Use Custom-Tailored Codes, The Baltimore Computer Times, September 1992

Fonts and Typefaces, Magic and Airplanes (Review: AllType, Fonts-on-the-Fly), The Baltimore Computer Times, July/August 1992

WordPerfect Releases WP Works, The Baltimore Computer Times, June 1992

Electronic Grammar Police (Review: RightWriter, Correct Grammar, Grammatik, The Writer’s Toolkit), The Baltimore Computer Times, May 1992

Word Processing for Speed-Demons (Using Switches and Expanded Memory to Improve Performance), The Baltimore Computer Times, April 1992

Teaching WordPerfect for Windows, WordPerfect for DOS, and DrawPerfect to Live Together, The Baltimore Computer Times, March 1992

Wiz-Biggy Comes to Town (Review of WP 5.1/Windows), The Baltimore Computer Times, January 1992

Mastering WordPerfect: Have You Checked Your Worklist Lately?, The Baltimore Computer Times, December 1991

Articles about Computer Security and Backup at our other web sites:

An Open Letter to Business Software Developers
Writing software so that it will run on a client-server network. As seen in ASPects, December 2004.

Steps Toward an Office Computer Policy, 1.0
For business owners and managers: Telling Employees what’s OK, and what’s Not. As seen in ASPects, December 2004.

Why Doesn’t my Computer Work?
Spyware cleanups, causes, costs, and who’s to blame. As seen in ASPects, September 2004.

Spyware, Adware, Malware, Thief
The state of spyware in the industry. As submitted to the FTC Spyware Workshop, April 2004.

Backup Philosophy
What’s wrong with backup software, and a starting point on backing up the good stuff: DATA. March 2004

The Perils of Backing Up
Planning ahead for office disaster recovery. February 1998, with 2004 update

10 Commandments of Computer Ownership
Basic instructions for computer users. Follow them. Or suffer the consequences. May 2003

Cars, Chips, Shakespeare
Software is no more reliable than cars. Engineering by committee is just grand. November 2000