WordPerfect Photo Album Catalogs & AI-Assisted Stock Images

published by Science Translations

Tutorial: Basic Catalog

A simple photo catalog in Graphcat and WordPerfect begins by running the macro. Click the menu entry Tools, Macro, Play, and either select Graphcat or just type ‘graphcat’ and press enter. Or use the WordPerfect keyboard shortcut Alt-F10 to go directly to the Play Macro screen.

The default settings for Graphcat are a good starting point; if you’re not sure what options you want, start with the settings as they are. The first setting is the location of the set of files, and it points at the free Graphcat sample photos and clip art folder so that you can create your first catalog with just two clicks on ‘Next’. Change the location to the folder holding the files you would like to catalog, and click ‘Next’ on both screens to create a basic catalog.