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Wood Clips Graphics Collection

Wood Clips CDROM

The Wood Clips Graphics Collection includes 1,047 images in 17 categories.

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The Wood Clips Graphics collection includes JPG images, plus PDF catalogs of each category of images. The catalogs are built in Graphcat, of course. WPG, BMP, and PCX image sets are available on-request.

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Wood Clips Categories:

  • ANATOMY: 29 images of skeletons, skulls, and internal organs.
  • ANIMALS: 133 images of animals, mostly mammals.
  • BOOKBAT: 66 images of decorative emblems and dingbats.
  • BUILDING: 15 images of houses and buildings.
  • CHILDREN: 30 images of children.
  • HARDWARE: 37 images of mechanical devices and objects.
  • HOLIDAY: 60 images of holiday-related activities and greeting-card art.
  • HUMOR: 98 images of cartoons and cliches.
  • MISC: 15 images of card games, masks and other images that don’t fit the other categories.
  • MUSIC: 29 images of musical instruments and dancers.
  • MYTH: 107 images of monsters and mythological creatures.
  • PEOPLE: 194 images of people, mostly adults.
  • PLANTS: 38 images of plants.
  • SHADOWS: 66 images of shadows and silhouettes.
  • TRAINS: 40 images of railroads, locomotives, and their workers.
  • TRANSPORTATION: 36 images of airplanes, balloons, bicycles, and automobiles.
  • WATER: 54 images of fish, swamp animals, and sailing ships.

File List, by Category:

Anatomy/   BRONCHI       human lungs
Anatomy/   CADUCEUS      medical emblem
Anatomy/   EAR1          cross-section of human ear
Anatomy/   HAND1         right hand, palm up
Anatomy/   HAND2         right hand, open, thumb up
Anatomy/   HAND3         both hands, fingertips touching
Anatomy/   HAND4         both hands, clasped
Anatomy/   HAND5         both hands, praying
Anatomy/   HAND6         right hand, open in stop gesture
Anatomy/   HEAD1         scalp labeled with sections of the mind, oldstyle
Anatomy/   HEAD2         scalp illustrated with sections of mind, oldstyle
Anatomy/   HEAD3         head cutaway, showing brain convolutions
Anatomy/   HEAD4         head showing circulatory system
Anatomy/   HEAD5         head cross-section, showing brainstem
Anatomy/   HEART1        heart and lungs circulatory diagram
Anatomy/   HEART2        heart chambers
Anatomy/   LUNGS01       human lungs, throat, face
Anatomy/   OPTIC1        cross-section of eye
Anatomy/   OPTIC2        cross-section of human eye, with muscles
Anatomy/   SKCHIMP       chimpanzee skeleton
Anatomy/   SKELETN1      human skeleton
Anatomy/   SKHAND        skeleton and soft tissues of human hand
Anatomy/   SKHORSE       horse skeleton
Anatomy/   SKHORSE2      horse skeleton with soft tissues outline
Anatomy/   SKMAN         human skeleton
Anatomy/   SKORANGT      orangutang skeleton
Anatomy/   SKSNAKE       snake skeleton
Anatomy/   SKTURTLE      turtle skeleton
Animal/    ANTLERS       reindeer skull with antlers
Animal/    BARNYARD      rooster in barnyard
Animal/    BEE01         bumblebee
Animal/    BIRD02        hawk with plants
Animal/    BIRD03        various birds, in group
Animal/    BIRD04        hawk
Animal/    BIRD05        gull
Animal/    BIRD06        pair of partridges
Animal/    BIRD07        vulture
Animal/    BIRD08        water bird
Animal/    BIRD09        bird with wings spread
Animal/    BIRD10        two birds
Animal/    BIRDNEST      baby birds in nest
Animal/    BOAR01        wild boar
Animal/    BULL01        bull closeup
Animal/    BULL02        bull
Animal/    BULLFT01      bull with picador, bullfight
Animal/    BURRO01       burro with pack on mountain trail
Animal/    BURROMAN      man with laden burro
Animal/    BUTRFLY1      butterfly
Animal/    BUTRFLY2      butterfly
Animal/    CAMEL01       camel
Animal/    CARIBOU       caribou
Animal/    CATBIRDS      cat with birds
Animal/    CATNDOG       cats and dogs
Animal/    CATTLE01      cattle near barn
Animal/    CHEETAH1      cheetah about to pounce
Animal/    CHMELEON      chameleon
Animal/    CRICKET       cartoon cricket walking upright
Animal/    CROW01        crow and vase, as in the Aesop fable
Animal/    DEER01        deer laying beneath a tree
Animal/    DFLY2         dragonfly
Animal/    DFLY3         dragonfly
Animal/    DOG01         dog trotting
Animal/    DOG02         dog
Animal/    DONKEY        overloaded donkey
Animal/    DOVE01        dove with olive branch
Animal/    DRAGNFLY      dragonfly
Animal/    EAGLE01       eagle and snake silhouette
Animal/    ELEPHNT1      elephant
Animal/    ELEPHNT2      elephant in library
Animal/    ELEPHNT3      elephant in nursery
Animal/    ELEPHNT4      elephant
Animal/    FEATHER       feather
Animal/    FLOCK         small flock of birds, walking
Animal/    FLY1          dragonfly
Animal/    GEESE01       pair of geese in flight
Animal/    GEESE02       pair of geese in flight, more detailed
Animal/    GEESE03       geese on ground
Animal/    GEESE04       goose in barnyard
Animal/    GHOPPER       grasshopper
Animal/    GHOPPER2      grasshopper
Animal/    GIRAFFE       giraffe
Animal/    GOAT01        head of goat
Animal/    GOAT02        head of goat
Animal/    HAWK01        hawk on ground
Animal/    HEDGEHOG      hedgehog
Animal/    HORSE01       man on horseback
Animal/    HORSE02       man leading horse
Animal/    HORSE03       running riderless horse coming to a stop
Animal/    HORSE04       standing horse with rider
Animal/    HORSE05       man standing with horse
Animal/    HORSE06       man walking with horse
Animal/    HORSE07       man walking with horse
Animal/    HORSE08       round decorative horse emblem
Animal/    HORSE09       knight on horseback
Animal/    HORSE10       horse and burro
Animal/    HORSE12       horse in paddock
Animal/    HORSE13       horse walking with man
Animal/    HORSE14       sitting horse and rider
Animal/    HORSE15       rearing horse and rider
Animal/    HORSE16       standing horse and rider
Animal/    HORSEMN2      indian (Asia) horsemen riding
Animal/    HORSES01      chase, on horseback
Animal/    INSECT01      beetle
Animal/    INSECT02      caterpillar
Animal/    INSECT03      flea
Animal/    INSECT04      beetle
Animal/    KANGAROO      jumping kangaroo
Animal/    LEMUR         lemur
Animal/    LEOPARD       leopard silhouette
Animal/    LION02        lion walking to right, Egyptian style
Animal/    LION03        lion walking to left, Egyptian style
Animal/    LION04        lion statue
Animal/    LION05        lion walking
Animal/    LION06        decorative lion drawing, rearing
Animal/    LION07        decorative lion, French style
Animal/    LION08        lion walking
Animal/    LION09        lion as King of Beasts
Animal/    LION10        lion standing
Animal/    LION11        head of lion
Animal/    LIONHD01      head of lion
Animal/    LIONHD02      pack of lions
Animal/    LIONS01       lions and wolves
Animal/    LIONS02       lion and wolves
Animal/    LIONS03       lion outside
Animal/    MANTIS        praying mantis
Animal/    MONKEY1       monkey riding on bear
Animal/    MOSQUITO      mosquito
Animal/    MOTH01        moth
Animal/    MOTH02        moth
Animal/    MOTH04        moth
Animal/    OWL01         owl's head
Animal/    OWL02         owl perched on branch, watching mouse
Animal/    PARROT1       parrot on perch
Animal/    PARTRIDG      partridge on ground
Animal/    PEACOCK1      peacock, tail spread
Animal/    PEACOCK2      peacock, tail spread
Animal/    PEACOCK3      peacock on ground
Animal/    PEACOCK4      peacock on branch
Animal/    PEACOCK6      peacock, pelican
Animal/    PEACOCK7      group of peacocks
Animal/    PEACOCK8      peacocks in barnyard
Animal/    PUFFIN01      puffin
Animal/    RABBIT1       rabbit eating
Animal/    RABBIT2       rabbit sitting
Animal/    RABBITS1      rabbits chasing frogs
Animal/    RAM01         ram statue
Animal/    ROOSTER1      rooster
Animal/    ROOSTER2      rooster
Animal/    SANDPIPR      sandpiper
Animal/    SCORP02       scorpion
Animal/    SCORPION      scorpion
Animal/    SNAKE1        snake
Animal/    SPIDER        spider
Animal/    SPIDERWB      spiderweb in tree, bird, wall
Animal/    STORK01       stork
Animal/    TIGER01       tiger resting
Animal/    TIGER02       tiger walking
Animal/    VULTURE       vulture perched
Animal/    VULTURE2      vultures
Animal/    WRKHORSE      draft horse
Animal/    ZEBRA01       zebra
Bookbat/   BOOKBT01      wide dingbat, diamonds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT02      wide dingbat, suns
Bookbat/   BOOKBT03      wide dingbat, flower
Bookbat/   BOOKBT04      wide dingbat, flower
Bookbat/   BOOKBT05      octagonal dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT06      wide dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT08      wide dingbat, wheat stalks
Bookbat/   BOOKBT09      triangular dingbat, gargoyle
Bookbat/   BOOKBT10      triangular dingbat, wolf's head
Bookbat/   BOOKBT11      wide dingbat, plants
Bookbat/   BOOKBT13      wide repeating dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT16      wide dingbat, floral
Bookbat/   BOOKBT17      wide dingbat, ivy
Bookbat/   BOOKBT18      wide dingbat, tulips
Bookbat/   BOOKBT19      wide dingbat, bas-relief
Bookbat/   BOOKBT20      wide dingbat, bas-relief leaves
Bookbat/   BOOKBT21      decorative quill pen dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT22      dingbat, face
Bookbat/   BOOKBT23      wide dingbat, face
Bookbat/   BOOKBT24      wide dingbat, face & flowers
Bookbat/   BOOKBT25      dingbat, face & flowers
Bookbat/   BOOKBT26      wide dingbat, face & ivy
Bookbat/   BOOKBT27      dingbat, face & plants
Bookbat/   BOOKBT28      dingbat, shell & cherubs
Bookbat/   BOOKBT29      wide dingbat, horses
Bookbat/   BOOKBT30      dingbat, winged wolf 
Bookbat/   BOOKBT31      dingbat, pair of pelicans
Bookbat/   BOOKBT32      dingbat, leaves, geometric
Bookbat/   BOOKBT33      wide dingbat, silhouette of leaves
Bookbat/   BOOKBT34      wide dingbat, leaves
Bookbat/   BOOKBT35      wide dingbat, windblown trees
Bookbat/   BOOKBT36      wide dingbat, grapevine
Bookbat/   BOOKBT37      dingbat, plant with white fruit
Bookbat/   BOOKBT38      dingbat, plant with dark fruit
Bookbat/   BOOKBT39      wide dingbat, shells
Bookbat/   BOOKBT40      wide dingbat, tree branches
Bookbat/   BOOKBT41      wide dingbat, onion silhouette
Bookbat/   BOOKBT42      wide dingbat, fish
Bookbat/   BOOKBT43      round lily dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT44      round dove dingbat
Bookbat/   BOOKBT45      dingbat, cherubs
Bookbat/   BOOKBT46      dingbat, coat of arms
Bookbat/   BOOKBT48      wide dingbat, child & birds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT52      wide dingbat, demon face
Bookbat/   BOOKBT53      wide dingbat, shell & net
Bookbat/   BOOKBT54      wide dingbat, birds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT55      wide dingbat, wolf & flowers
Bookbat/   BOOKBT56      wide dingbat, animals & flowers
Bookbat/   BOOKBT57      wide dingbat, birds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT58      wide dingbat, leaves
Bookbat/   BOOKBT59      wide dingbat, bird and flowers
Bookbat/   BOOKBT61      triangular dingbat, dragon heads
Bookbat/   BOOKBT62      round dingbat, daisy in field
Bookbat/   BOOKBT63      dingbat, pair of birds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT64      dingbat, dragon
Bookbat/   BOOKBT65      triangular dingbat, pair of birds
Bookbat/   BOOKBT67      wide dingbat, mer-man
Bookbat/   BOOKBT68      wide dingbat, floral geometric
Bookbat/   BOOKBT69      wide dingbat, mask
Bookbat/   COATARM1      coat of arms with bishop's hat
Bookbat/   COATARM5      coat of arms with lion & unicorn
Bookbat/   DAISY04       wide dingbat, daisies
Bookbat/   DAISY06       wide dingbat, black daisies
Bookbat/   FLEUR01       fleur-de-lis
Bookbat/   GARLAND5      round garland of roses
Bookbat/   THISTLE1      thistle blossom
Building/  CAMPOUT       quick shelter on riverbank
Building/  CASTLE01      castle on riverbank
Building/  CHALET1       swiss building
Building/  COTTAGE1      straw roof hut
Building/  COTTAGE2      small hut with log pile
Building/  COTTAGE3      small house with walk
Building/  CUPOLA1       decorative building cupola
Building/  HOUSE1        victorian mansion
Building/  LIBRARY1      interior view of library
Building/  MILL01        windmill
Building/  PRNTSHOP      printshop, two views
Building/  STORE01       store window
Building/  STORE02       store with horsecart
Building/  STORE03       store front
Building/  VILLAGE       small village built on dock in lake
Children/  BOY01         boy with top and stick
Children/  BOY02         boy with umbrellas
Children/  BOY03         boys with bird & cage
Children/  BOY04         four boys
Children/  BOY05         negro boy near wagon wheel
Children/  BOY06         teen boy dressed up
Children/  BOY07         boy's portrait, side view
Children/  BOY08         two boys, walking
Children/  BUST03        statue bust of young boy, big hair
Children/  CRYING        little girl crying
Children/  DAUGHTER      statesman with two daughters
Children/  DOG_BABY      baby pulling dog's tail
Children/  FREEZING      little girl in cold wind
Children/  GIRL01        teen girl in greek costume
Children/  GIRL03        teen girl outdoors by stream
Children/  GIRL04        teen girl outdoors with dog
Children/  GIRLFISH      girl fishing
Children/  MARSHBOY      boy in swampgrass
Children/  NEWPET        young boy with the dog that followed him home
Children/  PAPOOSE       baby wrapped in indian carrier
Children/  RECYCLE1      young boy with bottle
Children/  RECYCLE2      two boys with bottles
Children/  RUNNING1      child chasing bird
Children/  SOLDIER2      boy playing soldier
Children/  STUDENT1      boy at school desk
Children/  STUDENT2      teen girl at school desk
Children/  STUDENT3      girl writing letter
Children/  URCHIN1       boy in ragged clothes
Children/  URCHIN2       boy begging
Children/  YOUNGIRL      girl in fancy dress
Hardware/  ASTROLAB      astrolabe, ancient sextant
Hardware/  BAROMTR       barometer
Hardware/  BOOKSET       open book and stack of volumes
Hardware/  CANDLE01      candlestick, lit
Hardware/  CANNON01      cannon in castle top
Hardware/  CANNON02      cannon, short
Hardware/  CANNON03      cannon
Hardware/  CANNON04      cannon with aiming mechanism
Hardware/  CANNON05      long-range artillery
Hardware/  CANNON06      field cannon with wheels
Hardware/  COIN01        greek coin
Hardware/  GEARWORK      gears
Hardware/  HOURGLAS      hour glass and books emblem
Hardware/  JEWELRY1      jewelry with dangling angels
Hardware/  KEYSIGN1      sign with hanging key
Hardware/  LAMP01        light bulb
Hardware/  LAMP02        light bulb and socket
Hardware/  MSCOPE        microscope
Hardware/  PHONE01       wall phone, crank style
Hardware/  POTTERY       vases and dishes
Hardware/  QUILL01       feather quill pen
Hardware/  QUIVER1       quiver, bow, and arrows
Hardware/  REEL          fishing reel
Hardware/  URN01         tall decorative urn
Hardware/  URN02         thin-neck urn with handle
Hardware/  URN03         wide urn
Hardware/  URN04         urn with bird decoration
Hardware/  URN05         urn with girl decoration
Hardware/  URN06         amphora, ancient wine bottle
Hardware/  URN07         sacrificial bowl
Hardware/  URN08         round thin-necked urn
Hardware/  URN09         tall urn
Hardware/  URN10         wide urn
Hardware/  URN11         pitcher
Hardware/  WARRIOR5      vase with warrior decoration
Hardware/  WARRIOR6      vase with warrior decoration, small
Hardware/  WHEELBRW      woman pushing loaded wheelbarrow
Holiday/   ANGEL01       angel in flight, with trumpet
Holiday/   ANGEL02       angel in flight with book
Holiday/   ANGEL06       angel blindfolded
Holiday/   ARK_LOAD      pairs of animals near mountain
Holiday/   BIBLE01       bible and spectacles
Holiday/   BRIDE01       bride in fancy gown
Holiday/   CARNIVAL      revelers in masks, with instruments
Holiday/   CELEBRAT      soldier with toy horse, flag, toy trumpet
Holiday/   CHERUB01      winged cherub
Holiday/   CORACLE1      two winged cherubs in coracle with sail
Holiday/   CRONE02       hag in throne with cats
Holiday/   CUPID01       cupid with bouquet
Holiday/   CUPID02       cupid with butterfly
Holiday/   CUPID04       cupid on globe
Holiday/   CUPID05       Elizabethan cupid with bow and arrow
Holiday/   CUPID06       cherubs with mask
Holiday/   CUPID07       fat winged cherub sitting on cloud
Holiday/   EDEN01        Adam and Eve, snake, tree, and demons
Holiday/   FLYWITCH      flying witch, Halloween style
Holiday/   FLYWTCH2      flying witch, Halloween style in circle
Holiday/   GHOG_DAY      Groundhog sees his shadow
Holiday/   HARPIE        harpie and prisoners
Holiday/   HARVEST1      bountiful harvest, mostly wheat
Holiday/   IRISH         St. Patrick's Day outfit
Holiday/   JOSEPH01      Joseph with baby Jesus
Holiday/   JULY4TH1      Fourth of July, boys with firecrackers
Holiday/   JULY4TH2      Fourth of July, children 
Holiday/   MARY01        Mary
Holiday/   MATCHMKR      cupid wears a suit
Holiday/   MDAY01        rose in bloom
Holiday/   MENORAH1      seven-candle menorah
Holiday/   NEWYEAR       old year ready to go out on New Year's Eve
Holiday/   NOEL01        Christmas card decoration
Holiday/   OCT31ST       Halloween scarecrows sitting
Holiday/   PROPOSE       wedding proposal on bent knee
Holiday/   RAINDAY1      unhappy man in storm with umbrella
Holiday/   RAINDAY2      man in heavy rain, umbrella
Holiday/   ROCKHRSE      two children on rocking horse
Holiday/   SCARCROW      three scarecrows for Halloween
Holiday/   SCRIBE        biblical scribe
Holiday/   SHEIK         Arabian sheik
Holiday/   SPRING01      daffodil
Holiday/   SPRING02      early blooms
Holiday/   SPRING03      daisy
Holiday/   STOCKING      Christmas stocking
Holiday/   TEMPLE01      ancient temple
Holiday/   TIMELOSS      old man time on a clock
Holiday/   TOAST         proposing a holiday toast
Holiday/   TOYCART       boy pulling toys in cart
Holiday/   TOYHORSE      king on a small toy rocking horse
Holiday/   TOYHRSE2      boys with large rocking horse, British flag
Holiday/   TURKEY01      turkey in yard
Holiday/   VALENTIN      valentine and cupid
Holiday/   VALENTN2      lady with hearts
Holiday/   WASHNGTN      George Washington
Holiday/   WEDDING1      hands with wedding ring, flowers
Holiday/   WINDYDAY      lady losing umbrella in windstorm
Holiday/   WITCH01       witch cutting off head of demon
Holiday/   WITCH02       witch riding goat
Holiday/   WITCHES       three witches with pointed hats
Humor/     ALARM         woman running toward viewer, expressing alarm
Humor/     AMPUTEE       man with two peg legs and an ale
Humor/     ARGUE01       wife hitting husband with his pipe
Humor/     ARGUE02       wife hitting husband with rolling pin
Humor/     ARGUE03       wife dragging husband by his jaw
Humor/     ASSASSIN      small assassin with two knives drawn
Humor/     BAD_BIRD      large bird chasing man
Humor/     BAD_BULL      bull about to enter a china shop
Humor/     BADDOG        dog with broken crockery
Humor/     BADNEWS       man reading bad news in paper
Humor/     BALANCE       jester carrying a balance
Humor/     BARREL2       man dressed in barrels
Humor/     BEGGAR01      two beggars, but only one contribution
Humor/     BOXING        cherubs boxing
Humor/     BULL03        bull tossing man and trumpet in the air
Humor/     BUMPKIN       country bumpkin
Humor/     BURGLARS      two burglars choose the same home
Humor/     CAT_NINE      cat soldier with his whip
Humor/     CATSEAT       women sitting on her cat-shaped chair
Humor/     CHESS01       stag and lion playing chess
Humor/     CHIEF         indian headdress of feathers
Humor/     CLOWNS1       three clowns standing
Humor/     CLOWNS2       a clown and his audience
Humor/     COWTOSS       two cows tossing milkmaid in air
Humor/     CUT_UPS       man and woman with scissors
Humor/     DANCER05      dancing jester
Humor/     DANCER06      dancing hag
Humor/     DOGLIGHT      dog carrying a lantern, dressed as monk
Humor/     DRAGON06      dragon's head, looks like part donkey
Humor/     DRINKER2      drunken gentleman
Humor/     DRUNK01       drunken man rests at a well
Humor/     DRUNK02       drunken gentleman walking
Humor/     DRUNKARD      very large drunken man
Humor/     E_FANT01      elephant in evening jacket bows to a lady
Humor/     E_FANT02      elephant in evening jacket alone
Humor/     E_FANT03      elephant dances with lady
Humor/     E_FANT04      elephant walks with lady
Humor/     E_FANT05      elephant sits down with lady
Humor/     E_FANT06      elephant chats with gentleman
Humor/     E_FANT07      elephant falls through a screen
Humor/     E_FANT08      elephant falls on his face
Humor/     E_FANT09      elephant falls flat on his back
Humor/     E_FANT10      elephant tries to walk it off, but...
Humor/     E_FANT11      elephant falls down steps...
Humor/     E_FANT12      elephant lands half through a door
Humor/     E_FANT13      elephant goes home drunk
Humor/     FASTFOOD      man eating fast
Humor/     FAT01         fat man carrying belly in wheelbarrow
Humor/     FAT02         three very rotund generals
Humor/     FAT03         very fat professor
Humor/     FOXMONK       fox dressed as monk, with dead birds
Humor/     GOOSESHU      blacksmith giving goose horseshoes
Humor/     HI_CHAIR      little girl in high chair wants dinner
Humor/     HOTFOOT       man with two peg legs soaks his feet and smokes
Humor/     HUNTING5      gentleman hunter must pay for his small prey
Humor/     JESTER01      jester near house
Humor/     JESTER02      jester prancing 
Humor/     JESTER03      jester prancing
Humor/     JESTER04      jester sowing seeds
Humor/     JESTER05      jester seated
Humor/     JESTER06      jester in fancy dress
Humor/     KABOOM        man and ladder in explosion
Humor/     KID01         very surly child with bag and bottle
Humor/     KING01        silly king on his throne
Humor/     KING02        king of rags
Humor/     LION12        lion in black tie and tails
Humor/     LOOK_UP       Ooh! Look up in the sky, everybody!
Humor/     LOST_HAT      lady loses hat to giraffe visiting her garden
Humor/     LUNCH01       two men eat lunch
Humor/     MEDICAL1      man sick in bed takes his medicine
Humor/     MEDICINE      doctor doses his patient
Humor/     MESSY         three children eat jam very messily
Humor/     MONEYBAG      man with moneybag for head
Humor/     MR_HOOK       Mr. Hook deserves his name
Humor/     NO_RIDER      horse with man who can't ride
Humor/     PIGFLY        round emblem of pig with wings
Humor/     PLAYPEN       day care for women on the move
Humor/     PONY01        large soldier on a very small pony
Humor/     PULLCART      roosters pull cart holding rat
Humor/     RAINDOG       dog with an umbrella
Humor/     ROOSTER3      rooster in black tie and tails
Humor/     ROTUND        family of very well rounded people
Humor/     RUNNING       lady and girl in a great hurry
Humor/     SHIPFOOL      a ship of fools leaves shore
Humor/     SHORT         maid cannot reach bottle on shelf
Humor/     SINGER01      elderly man reads hymn book
Humor/     SINGER02      elderly man tries the book farther away
Humor/     SINGER03      elderly man sings his best
Humor/     SINGER04      elderly man sits down quietly
Humor/     SPOON         spoon with a face in the liquid
Humor/     SPRATT        Jack Spratt and his wife
Humor/     TAILOR        a very fast tailor shortens a jacket
Humor/     TEABREWR      growing pots of tea in a garden
Humor/     THINICE       two boys fall through the ice
Humor/     WATERING      watering plants in the rain
Humor/     WILDRIDE      wagon and horses out of control
Humor/     WITCH03       witch with book and boy
Humor/     WOLF01        wolf dressed up with pole
Misc/      CARDGAME      cards as played by the people on the cards
Misc/      CARDS         hand of cards
Misc/      CARDS02       three ladies play cards
Misc/      CRDHOUSE      boy building house of cards
Misc/      GALLOWS1      gallows, empty
Misc/      MASK01        two masks
Misc/      MASK02        ancient mask
Misc/      MASK03        winged mask
Misc/      MASK04        triple mask
Misc/      MASK05        boy in mask
Misc/      MASK06        masks of comedy and tragedy
Misc/      STOCKS01      man in stocks
Misc/      STOCKS02      man in stocks with crowd
Misc/      SUN01         sun with a face
Misc/      WAGONTRN      wagon train heading west
Music/     BAGPIPES      man playing bag pipes
Music/     CHORUS        conductor leading a chorus
Music/     CYMBALS       boy about to bang cymbals
Music/     DANCER01      man dancing alone
Music/     DANCER02      couple dancing
Music/     DANCER04      ballerina in a jump
Music/     DANCER08      dance of the veils
Music/     DANCERS       several ballet dancers
Music/     FIDDLE01      fiddle with crossed bows
Music/     FLUTE01       cherub playing the flute
Music/     FLUTE02       boy playing the flute
Music/     HARP01        harp
Music/     HARP02        harp
Music/     MUSICN01      man playing violin
Music/     MUSICN02      man playing viola
Music/     MUSICN03      greek man playing bouzouki
Music/     MUSICN04      half man, half goat (Pan) plays violin
Music/     MUSICN05      violin player
Music/     MUSICN06      man playing hurdy-gurdy
Music/     MUSICN07      pigs playing the violin
Music/     MUSICN08      pig and her litter playing a horn
Music/     MUSICN09      nun playing a flute
Music/     MUSICN10      demon plays the drums
Music/     MUSICN11      bear plays the bagpipe
Music/     MUSICN12      mermaid and merman playing a violin
Music/     MUSICN13      man playing the mandolin
Music/     ORGANIST      man plays the pipe organ
Music/     SINGER05      two men sing
Music/     WALTZ2        fancy lady and gent begin a waltz
Myth/      ANUBIS        Anubis, Egyptian god of death
Myth/      ANUBIS2       Anubis, Egyptian god of death
Myth/      ATLAS         Atlas holding up the world
Myth/      ATLAS2        Atlas holding up the world
Myth/      ATLAS3        Atlas holding up the world
Myth/      BATTLE02      animals riding into battle
Myth/      BATTLE03      animals riding into battle
Myth/      BATTLE04      monsters in battle
Myth/      BATTLE05      ritualistic battle
Myth/      BEELZBUB      devil in full Beelzebub dress
Myth/      BOOKBT50      two flying horses in wide dingbat
Myth/      BULLBIRD      bird has the head of a bull
Myth/      CERCADO       Ceberus or Cercado, three-headed dog
Myth/      CHIMERA1      Chimera, part lion, part eagle
Myth/      CORPSE        corpse in coffin
Myth/      DEADSHOT      death shooting coffins from a cannon
Myth/      DEATH02       death in flight
Myth/      DEATH03       death walking off with a victim
Myth/      DEATH04       death leads a victim away
Myth/      DEATH05       death leads another victim
Myth/      DEATH06       death pulls a victim back
Myth/      DEATH07       death spears a knight
Myth/      DEMON01       demon sitting
Myth/      DEMON02       demon or gargoyle looking over balcony
Myth/      DEMON03       demon with wings
Myth/      DEMON04       demon with leonine features
Myth/      DEMON05       demon preparing to carve his dinner
Myth/      DEVIL01       devil dancing around a fire
Myth/      DEVIL02       devil looks down at lovers and cherubs
Myth/      DIOGENES      Diogenes sailing off in a tub
Myth/      DRAGON01      dragon is part goat
Myth/      DRAGON02      Oriental dragon
Myth/      DRAGON03      winged dragon statue
Myth/      DRAGON04      small dragon
Myth/      DRAGONS1      a dragon chorus line
Myth/      ELF1          elf in tall hat
Myth/      FLIGHT1       boy and girl ride on a pole
Myth/      FLIGHT2       Mercury, messenger of the gods, in flight
Myth/      FLIGHT3       Roman rides a horse through the clouds
Myth/      FLYER01       demon astride a small dragon
Myth/      FORTUNE       Fortuna or Fortune, Greek goddess
Myth/      GRIFFIN1      griffin, part lion, human and eagle
Myth/      GRIFFIN2      griffin, part lion and eagle
Myth/      GRIFFIN3      griffin, part lion and eagle
Myth/      GRIFFIN6      flock of griffins
Myth/      HORSES02      statue of two-headed horse
Myth/      HUNTING2      Roman soldiers in battle, on horseback
Myth/      HUNTING3      wounded lion
Myth/      HUNTING4      Romans in two-wheel chariot
Myth/      ISIS          Isis, Egyptian goddess of nature
Myth/      JUPITER       Roman god Jupiter
Myth/      KNIGHT01      knight on horseback
Myth/      KNIGHT02      knight on rearing charger
Myth/      KNIGHT03      knight on horseback
Myth/      KNIGHT04      knight in armor
Myth/      KNIGHT05      knight in armor
Myth/      KNIGHT06      knight and rearing charger 
Myth/      LAMPMAN1      Diogenes looking for an honest man
Myth/      LAMPMAN2      Diogenes and the hand of god
Myth/      LIONS04       two-headed lion statue
Myth/      MAMMOTH       wooly mammoth
Myth/      MEDUSA01      Medusa, Greek gorgon
Myth/      MEDUSA02      Medusa, Greek gorgon
Myth/      MEDUSA03      Medusa, Greek gorgon
Myth/      MERCURY       Roman messenger of the gods
Myth/      MERMAID1      mermaid at shore
Myth/      MINOTAUR      minotaur, half man, half bull
Myth/      MORFEO        Morfeo or Morpheus, god of dreams
Myth/      MUSE          Greek daughter of Zeus
Myth/      NEPTUNE       Roman Neptune, or Greek Poseidon, god of water
Myth/      OGRE          ogre and young woman
Myth/      PARADE        parade of birds, dwarves, elephants
Myth/      PEGASUS       winged horse
Myth/      PERSEPHN      Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter
Myth/      PERSEUS       Perseus, slayer of Medusa
Myth/      PHAROH        Egyptian Pharaoh
Myth/      PHOENIX1      Phoenix, bird of fire
Myth/      POWTAI        Powtai
Myth/      PRIEST01      Egyptian priest
Myth/      RAMSES1       Egyptian chariot
Myth/      RAMSES2       Egyptian warriors
Myth/      SATYR1        goat and Satyr
Myth/      SATYR2        Satyr wide dingbat
Myth/      SILENO        Sileno or Silenus, woodland deity
Myth/      SKULL01       human skull
Myth/      SKULL02       human skull with collar
Myth/      SKULLWNG      skull, hourglass, and wings
Myth/      SOLDIER4      rat pulling tiny soldier riding in thimble
Myth/      SPHYNX01      sphynx engraving
Myth/      SPHYNX02      sphynx statue
Myth/      SPHYNX03      female sphynx
Myth/      SULTAN        sultan and his daughter
Myth/      TERROR01      terror mask with crawling animals
Myth/      TILTING1      warrior tilting on bull
Myth/      TILTING2      tilting warrior on donkey
Myth/      TYPHON01      Typhon, monster defeated by Zeus
Myth/      UGLY01        big, ugly, and smoking a pipe
Myth/      UNICORN1      unicorn looking back
Myth/      UNICORN2      unicorn and thistle
Myth/      UNICORN3      unicorn rearing
Myth/      UNICORN4      unicorn and flagpost
Myth/      WARHORSE      horse and warrior in battle gear
Myth/      WARRIOR3      warrior with mace
Myth/      WARRIOR4      warrior with spear
Myth/      WINGS01       winged man in round emblem
Myth/      WIZARD1       wizard and conjured spirit
Myth/      WOLFMAN1      wolfman captured
People/    AFRICAN1      black man with top hat
People/    ARTIST1       boy painting a picture
People/    ARTIST2       man drawing, with cows as audience
People/    AUDIENCE      enthusiastic performance audience
People/    BAKER1        baker with brick hearth oven
People/    BANKROBR      bank robber fleeing with bags of cash
People/    BARKEEP       barkeeper and customer
People/    BARKEEP2      barkeeper mixing a drink
People/    BARREL        man pushes barrel on wheeled carrier
People/    BATTLE01      young man with sword
People/    BATTLE06      sword fight
People/    BEGGAR02      beggar holds up hat for donations
People/    BIGMAN1       fat man with cigar leaning on counter
People/    BISHOP        bishops costume, but with jester's staff
People/    BUGLER        bugle player on horseback
People/    BUST02        bust of man with editor's eyeshade
People/    BUST04        bust of man with very curly hair
People/    BUTLER01      butler with tray
People/    CANDLE02      man with candle squints at small picture
People/    CANES         man walks with two canes
People/    CAPTAIN       nautical captain
People/    CHAT01        two gentlemen chatting
People/    CIGARS        two men smoke cigars seated, southern porch scene
People/    COBBLER       cobbler speaks to customer
People/    CONFESS       man confessing to his sweetheart
People/    COOK01        woman preparing potatoes
People/    COOK02        woman weighing ingredients
People/    COOK03        man frying dinner
People/    COOK04        man gutting fish
People/    COUPLE01      man and woman in very fancy dress
People/    COUPLE02      man and woman in very fancy dress
People/    COUPLE03      man and woman in Sunday outfits
People/    COUPLE04      elderly man and woman asleep in bed, close-up
People/    COUPLE05      young man and woman, caricature
People/    COUPLE06      boy and girl pose near tree
People/    COUPLE07      butler and maid
People/    COUPLE08      young man and woman seated
People/    COUPLE09      man and woman dressed for cold weather
People/    COUPLE10      man and woman dressed for evening out
People/    COUPLE11      man and woman seated under tree
People/    COUPLE12      man and woman walking in a door
People/    CRIPPLE1      man with cane, sling, and costume
People/    CRONE01       old woman with hat, bag, and cane
People/    CRYER1        crier reads news to woman with yoke, two children
People/    CRYER2        death crier with quarrantine warning
People/    CRYER3        whimsical crier walking
People/    DANDY01       two overdressed dandies
People/    DANDY02       antique outfit, with bird and cane
People/    DANDY03       not quite a musketeer's outfit
People/    DANDY04       musketeer
People/    DANDY05       old italian outfit
People/    DANDY06       Shakespearean clothes
People/    DANDY07       cape, hat, and sword
People/    DANDY08       American dandy of 19th Century
People/    DANDY09       cape, hat, and a very large feather on evil-doer
People/    DEAF          man with tin ear (literally)
People/    DELIVERY      cook makes delivery
People/    DIVA          opera singer
People/    DRINKER1      man with shot glass
People/    DRINKER3      man with bottle
People/    DRINKER4      man with mug
People/    DRINKER5      nautical man with pipe and ale
People/    DRINKER6      chimney sweep stops by pub
People/    DRYHANDS      man dries his hands without towels
People/    EGYPTIAN      girl in Egyptian hairstyle
People/    ELDERLY       elderly woman knitting
People/    EXAMINER      man with large magnifying glass examines your work
People/    FALL          man falling down, carrying bag
People/    FATMAN        fat man sitting on chair
People/    FEEDING       feeding the baby
People/    FIGHT1        teenagers fighting
People/    FISHRMN3      on the way to go fishing
People/    FISHRMN4      caught a very small fish
People/    FISHRMN6      the fish caught the fisherman
People/    FLWRGRL1      girl carrying flowers
People/    FLWRGRL2      girl with basket of flowers
People/    FLWRGRL3      girl with flower basket, bouquet
People/    FLWRGRL4      woman with flower basket
People/    FORMAL01      formal dress in the middle ages
People/    FRANKLIN      Benjamin Franklin
People/    FURCOAT       woman in fur coat
People/    GARDENER      woman tending her garden
People/    GENT01        gentleman with hat and cane
People/    GENT02        portrait closeup of man
People/    GENT03        man standing, with cane
People/    GENT04        dapper man with plaid suit, cane
People/    GENT05        bearded man with glasses
People/    GENT06        bald man with beard
People/    GENT07        man with mustache, goatee
People/    GENT08        man in evening jacket
People/    GENT09        black man with sideburns
People/    GENT10        man in riding outfit, with cane
People/    GENT11        man in smoking jacket, cane
People/    GENT12        seated man
People/    GENT14        man bowing, in tuxedo
People/    GENT15        possible villain's outfit
People/    GENT16        villain with top hat off
People/    GENT17        man with spectacles on forehead
People/    GENT18        man with top hat, perhaps an undertaker
People/    GENT19        man at desk, possibly Scrooge
People/    GENT20        walking man with pallbearer's hat, umbrella
People/    GREEK01       man in traditional Greek outfit
People/    GREETING      man tips his top hat to couple
People/    HANDKISS      man greets lady with traditional kiss of her hand
People/    HAT_SALE      man selling hats, and wearing his inventory
People/    HAT01         lady in middle ages hat
People/    HAT02         lady in middle ages hat with two points, veil
People/    HAT03         lady in pointed hat and veil
People/    HAT04         hat like a haystack
People/    HAT05         large hat with feather and veils
People/    HAT06         bonnet with feathers
People/    HAT07         fancy lady's turban
People/    HAT09         fancy Spring hat with flowers
People/    HAT10         veil and bow
People/    HAT11         lady with top hat and scarf for race day
People/    HEADBSK2      woman carrying basket on her head in country
People/    HEADBSKT      woman carrying basket on her head in city
People/    HERALD        herald reading the news
People/    HUNTER01      hunter with two dogs
People/    INDIAN1       indian with top hat, cane, South American
People/    INDIAN2       large indian, small overdressed white man
People/    INVITED       girl reads an invitation
People/    JOCKEY        jockey's outfit
People/    JUGGLER1      man juggles three balls
People/    KITE01        children flying a kite
People/    LADY01        lady in simple hat
People/    LADY02        elderly lady in simple hat
People/    LADY03        lady in big hairstyle
People/    LADY04        lady in evening wear
People/    LASSO         man practices with lariat
People/    LEADER        military leader's uniform, French
People/    MAID          silly maid comes in the door
People/    MAN01         man in old hat
People/    MAN02         bearded man
People/    MAN03         man with beer and hat, possibly Irish
People/    MAN04         business man with fedora
People/    MAN05         man in cold weather coat
People/    MAN06         man in jacket, hat
People/    MAN07         man with pipe, dressed well with jacket and hat
People/    MAN08         man reads a newspaper
People/    MAN09         older man in chair
People/    MILKMAID      milkmaid with yoke and pail
People/    MISTRESS      two girls, one with book and stick
People/    MUSE02        man ponders something, seated in chair
People/    NURSE01       nurse holds baby
People/    OLD_MAID      old maid looks out her door
People/    PAIN          this man appears to be in pain
People/    PAINTER1      indoor house painter works on wall
People/    PAINTER3      indoor house painter works on small scaffold
People/    PEGDANCE      nautical captain with two peg legs and pipe dances a jig
People/    PIKPOCKT      pick-pocket at work
People/    PIPEBOAT      man with pipe in boat leaves a smoke trail
People/    PIRATE02      pirate and his captive lady
People/    PROFESOR      man dressed in academic-style wear of 19th century
People/    QUEEN01       queen in her formal costume
People/    READING       man in top hat reads the news
People/    ROBBER        colonial robber with gun
People/    ROYALTY       man and woman in royal evening dress for reception
People/    RUSHED01      woman running with two small children
People/    SALESGRL      sales girl with flyers
People/    SALESMAN      salesman with flyers
People/    SALESMN2      salesman with his wares
People/    SCOTSMAN      scotsman in traditional kilt
People/    SCOTSMN2      caricature scotsman with sword
People/    SCRIBE2       scribe writing at his desk
People/    SLUMBER       man asleep on couch with book
People/    SLUMBER2      man asleep in bed with fire danger
People/    SMOKER        man smoking pipe under tree
People/    SNIFTER       drinker with candle, examining glass of wine
People/    SOLDIER1      soldier with drum, oval emblem
People/    SOLDIER3      soldier with drum
People/    SOLDIER5      Redcoat soldier marching
People/    SOLDIER6      two soldiers on guard duty
People/    SOLDIER7      soldier with sword
People/    SOLDIER8      beef-eater soldier, caricatured
People/    SOLDIER9      group of soldiers marching
People/    SPEAKER       man speaking, his back to us
People/    STOUT         heavy girl
People/    STRICT        strict woman, possibly schoolmistress
People/    TEACH01       teacher, girl, cane switch
People/    THIRST        thirsty girl with a bucket 
People/    UMBRELLA      gentleman with cane and umbrella
People/    WAITER        waiter serving plate from tray
People/    WAITER01      waiter with apron and towel
People/    WAKEUP        man wakes up in bed after late night
People/    WALKING       two gentlemen walking
People/    WALKING2      family out for a walk
People/    WALKING3      man with boy walking too fast
People/    WIG01         woman's wig is very tall
People/    WIG02         wig with feathers
People/    WOMAN01       old woman walks with cane
People/    WOMAN02       closeup of old woman
People/    WRITER        writer with pen, inkpot
People/    YAWN01        man yawning
Plants/    APPLES1       apple in sections
Plants/    BOUQUET1      bouquet in straw basket
Plants/    BOUQUET2      plant in basket
Plants/    BOUQUET3      wide dingbat of flowers
Plants/    BOUQUET4      flowers in straw basket
Plants/    BOUQUET5      basket of small flowers
Plants/    BULB1         flower bulb sprouting
Plants/    DAISY01       daisy in field in square emblem
Plants/    DAISY02       round emblem of daisy in field
Plants/    DAISY03       round daisy icon
Plants/    FLOWERS       flowering vine in bloom
Plants/    FLWRPOT1      flowers blooming in pot with handles
Plants/    FLWRPOT2      flowers in fancy wall pot
Plants/    FRUIT1        bananas, apples
Plants/    FRUIT3        peach tree branch
Plants/    GARLAND1      garland wall decoration
Plants/    GARLAND2      fancy planted wall decoration
Plants/    GARLAND3      hanging garland
Plants/    GARLAND4      double garland
Plants/    LILIES        lilies in bloom
Plants/    ORCHID1       tall orchid in bloom
Plants/    ORCHID2       orchid in bloom
Plants/    PLANTS01      blooming plant
Plants/    POLLEN        pollen grains
Plants/    POPPY         poppy blossom
Plants/    ROSE01        rose icon
Plants/    ROSE02        rose bloom and stems
Plants/    SUMAC         poison sumac, blooming
Plants/    TREE01        tree pruned to cone shape
Plants/    TREE02        row of trees
Plants/    TREE03        row of trees
Plants/    TREE04        row of evergreens
Plants/    TREE05        outlined tree
Plants/    TREE06        tree in oval landscape
Plants/    VASE01        wall hanging vase
Plants/    VASE02        table vase
Plants/    VEGETS01      potatoes, sprouting
Plants/    VEGETS02      eggplant tomatoes, pepper
Shadow/    BUST01        silhouette of man with cigar
Shadow/    CHILD01       silhouette of boy with hoop
Shadow/    CHILD02       silhouette of girl with flowers
Shadow/    CHILD03       silhouette of boy and girl with wagon
Shadow/    CHILD04       silhouette of girl with doll
Shadow/    CHILD05       silhouette of woman and two children
Shadow/    CHILD06       silhouette of three children
Shadow/    CHILD07       silhouette of woman, infant, two children
Shadow/    CHILD08       silhouette of two children and dog
Shadow/    CUPID08       silhouette of cupids
Shadow/    DANCER07      silhouette of dancing woman
Shadow/    DOGLEAD2      silhouette of small dog pulling woman on leash
Shadow/    MUSICN14      silhouette of fiddler
Shadow/    MUSICN15      silhouette of violinist
Shadow/    NAPOLEON      silhouette of Napoleon Bonaparte
Shadow/    PAINTER2      silhouette of artist painting
Shadow/    PEACOCK5      silhouette of two peacocks and a small tree
Shadow/    PROFILE1      silhouette of bust of woman
Shadow/    PROFILE2      silhouette of bust of woman
Shadow/    PROFILE3      silhouette of bust of woman, with hat
Shadow/    PROFILE4      silhouette of bust of man
Shadow/    PROFILE5      silhouette of bust of man
Shadow/    PROFILE6      silhouette of bust of man in 18th Cent. wig
Shadow/    PROFILE7      silhouette of bust of man
Shadow/    PROFILE8      silhouette of bust of woman
Shadow/    PROFILE9      silhouette of boy
Shadow/    READER01      silhouette of man reading in chair
Shadow/    SCHOOL        silhouette of school room activity
Shadow/    SEAHRSE2      silhouette of seahorse
Shadow/    SHADOW01      silhouette of bust of woman in Spring hat
Shadow/    SHADOW02      silhouette of bust of woman in veiled hat
Shadow/    SHADOW03      oval vignette of man in military hat
Shadow/    SHADOW04      silhouette of bust of man
Shadow/    SHADOW05      silhouette of bust of woman in wide hat
Shadow/    SHELL5        silhouette of sea shell with rope
Shadow/    SIT01         silhouette of woman in chair sewing
Shadow/    SIT02         silhouette of man in chair
Shadow/    SIT03         silhouette of man in chair
Shadow/    SIT04         silhouette of man in chair in animated discussion
Shadow/    STAND01       silhouette of man standing, with cane
Shadow/    STAND02       silhouette of man standing
Shadow/    STAND03       silhouette of woman standing
Shadow/    STAND04       silhouette of man standing
Shadow/    STAND05       silhouette of man standing, with cane
Shadow/    STAND06       silhouette of man standing
Shadow/    STAND07       silhouette of man standing, with papers
Shadow/    STAND08       silhouette of man standing, gesturing
Shadow/    STAND09       silhouette of man with cape and hat, standing
Shadow/    STAND10       silhouette of man with musician's jacket, standing
Shadow/    STAND11       silhouette of man in military uniform, standing
Shadow/    STAND12       silhouette of woman in hat and veil, standing
Shadow/    STAND13       silhouette of man in top hat, standing
Shadow/    STAND14       silhouette of man standing
Shadow/    STAND15       silhouette of fat man standing
Shadow/    STAND16       silhouette of woman with bustle standing
Shadow/    STAND17       silhouette of man standing, with top hat, cane
Shadow/    STAND18       silhouette of man standing, with sword, cape
Shadow/    STAND19       silhouette of warrior standing with sword, headdress
Shadow/    STAND20       silhouette of woman throwing arrows
Shadow/    STAND21       silhouette of woman with hooded jacket, hat
Shadow/    STAND22       silhouette of man with book, standing
Shadow/    STAND23       silhouette of man standing, gesturing
Shadow/    STAND24       silhouette of woman with cane, bustle
Shadow/    STAND25       silhouette of woman with purse, standing
Shadow/    SWEEP         silhouette of chimney sweep
Shadow/    VILLAIN1      silhouette of villain with cape and hat
Trains/    437           437 consolidation locomotive, Pennsylvania RR Co.
Trains/    588           588 Six wheeled switching loco. Schenectady Loco. Works
Trains/    BOGIE         Bogie truck 
Trains/    BRAKEMAN      American railroad brakeman
Trains/    BRAKES1       closeup of railroad breaks
Trains/    CAMPBELL      Henry R. Campbell's Loco., Philadelphia, 1836
Trains/    CONDUCTR      American railroad conductor
Trains/    COOPER        Peter Cooper's locomotive, B & O RR, 1829
Trains/    COUPLER       Janney car coupler
Trains/    CUTAWAY1      American locomotive in cutaway-side
Trains/    CUTAWAY2      American locomotive in cutaway-front
Trains/    DECAPOD       Decapod loco, by Baldwin Loco. Works, Philadelphia
Trains/    DEWITT        The De Witt Clinton, Mohawk & Hudson RR, 1831
Trains/    EASTLAKE      street railway locomotive, by Baldwin Loco. Works
Trains/    ENGINE1       Stephenson's steam driven brakes, 1833
Trains/    FORNEY        Forney Tank Loco, by Rogers Loco. & Machine Works
Trains/    GRASSHPR      Grasshopper locomotive
Trains/    HUDSON        Mowawk & Hudson Train--1st reg. schedule passenger line
Trains/    HUDSON94      Hudson tank loco., by Baldwin Locomotive works
Trains/    JERVIS        John B. Jervis's loco, Mohawk & Hudson RR, 1831
Trains/    JW_BOWKE      suburban traffic loco, Baldwin Loco. works
Trains/    LAUGHLIN      four-wheeled switching locomotive, Baldwin
Trains/    MCRR          10-wheeled passenger loco, Schenectady Loco. Works
Trains/    MIDLAND       English RR carriage, Midland Rd.
Trains/    MOGUL         Mogul loco., Schenectady Loco. Works
Trains/    PENN_CAR      Pennsylvania passenger car
Trains/    PLANET        Planet locomotive, George & Robert Stephenson & Co.
Trains/    PRR1063       American passenger locomotive
Trains/    PULLMAN       Pullman sleeping car "Pioneer"
Trains/    RAIL_CAR      early stage on rails, Baltimore & Ohio RR, 1830
Trains/    ROCKET        George Stephenson's Rocket, 1st steam locomotive
Trains/    SIGNAL        dwarf semaphores and split switch
Trains/    STCOACH1      stage coach on rails, 1831
Trains/    STCOACH2      early rail coach
Trains/    STOCKTON      Stockton & Darlington engine and cars
Trains/    TRAIN01       steam locomotive & tender, 4-6-2
Trains/    TRAIN02       steam locomotive & tender, 4-4-8
Trains/    TROLLEY       street car, trolley
Trains/    WOODCAR       Baltimore & Ohio RR firewood car
Trains/    WRR_CAR       Western Railroad of Massachusetts, early passenger car
Trans/     AUTO01        old car
Trans/     AUTO02        old car, open top
Trans/     AUTO03        old car, open top & facing second seat
Trans/     AUTO04        old car, with back seat
Trans/     AUTO05        two old cars in traffic
Trans/     AUTO06        old delivery truck
Trans/     AUTO08        open top old car
Trans/     BALLOON1      hot air balloon
Trans/     BALLOON2      hot air balloon
Trans/     BALLOON3      hot air balloon
Trans/     BALLOON4      dirigible balloon
Trans/     BUCKBRD       buckboard with one horse, in countryside
Trans/     CARRIAGE      Roman two-wheeled chariot
Trans/     COACH01       coach with lantern
Trans/     CYCLE01       pair of motorcycles
Trans/     CYCLE02       bicycle
Trans/     CYCLE03       early motorcycle
Trans/     CYCLE04       bicycle built for three
Trans/     CYCLE05       delivery on bicycle
Trans/     CYCLE06       man on bicycle
Trans/     CYCLE07       old bicycle
Trans/     CYCLE08       old bicycle with high front wheel
Trans/     CYCLE09       old bicycle with high front wheel
Trans/     CYCLE10       old bicycle with high front wheel
Trans/     CYCLE11       bicycle
Trans/     FIRETRK2      fire truck with ladder
Trans/     FIRETRK3      horse-drawn hook and ladder fire truck
Trans/     FIRETRUK      steam pumper fire truck
Trans/     MILKCART      dog pulling two-wheeled wagon
Trans/     PLANE01       early airplane, with landing skids
Trans/     PLANE02       biplane
Trans/     PLANE03       propeller plane
Trans/     PLANE04       propeller plane
Trans/     PLANE05       single wing plane
Trans/     STAGE01       stagecoach with four horses
Trans/     WAGNTRN2      covered wagon with four horses
Water/     ALIGATOR      alligator
Water/     ANCHOR01      ship's anchor, on land
Water/     ANCHOR2       ship's anchor, with porpoise decoration
Water/     CANOE01       man in canoe
Water/     CRAB01        male crab
Water/     CRAB02        hermit crab
Water/     CRAB03        female crab
Water/     CRAB04        female crab
Water/     CRAB05        horseshoe crab
Water/     CRAYFISH      crayfish under water
Water/     DIVER         deep sea diver with metal helmet
Water/     DUCK01        duck swimming
Water/     DUCK02        duck in barnyard
Water/     FISH01        several small fish
Water/     FISH02        fish
Water/     FISH03        fish
Water/     FISH04        fish
Water/     FISH05        fish
Water/     FISHRMAN      fisherman working from dock
Water/     FISHRMN2      fisherman carrying catch
Water/     FISHRMN7      fisherman and dog at river
Water/     JELLYFSH      jellyfish
Water/     LIVRPOOL      life preserver emblem from Liverpool with sailing ship
Water/     LOBSTER       lobster
Water/     LOBSTER2      lobster
Water/     MASTRIDR      seaman climbing mast in heavy storm
Water/     OCTOPUS       octopus
Water/     OLDFISH1      ornate drawing of fish
Water/     PELICAN1      pelican sitting on shore
Water/     PIRATE        pirate with cutlass
Water/     ROWSHIP1      galley ship with rowing crew
Water/     SAILSHIP      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP2      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP3      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP4      sailing ship in storm 
Water/     SAILSHP5      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP6      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP7      sailing ship
Water/     SAILSHP9      sailing ship
Water/     SALMON01      salmon
Water/     SEAHORSE      seahorse and conch shell
Water/     SEAHRSE3      seahorse
Water/     SHELL1        conch shell
Water/     SHELL2        sea shell
Water/     SHELL3        sea shell
Water/     SHELL4        conch shell
Water/     SHELL6        group of shells
Water/     SHIP01        sailing ship
Water/     SHIP02        sailing ship
Water/     SHIP03        sailing ship
Water/     SHIP04        sailing ship
Water/     SWAN01        swan in lake
Water/     TURTLE01      turtle on land
Water/     WATRFALL      waterfall, oval vignette