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published by Science Translations

December 30th, 2014 at 2:09 pm

Software Knowledge Base Updated, Download Free Software

Software Knowledge Base
SoftwareKnowledgeBase, or SoftwareKB.com, has a whole new look, and a new approach to free software downloads. Software downloads should only come directly from the publisher of a program; that’s the best way to avoid wrappers and adware tagging along with your downloads. SoftwareKb’s links go the publisher sites, direct, and show what country they’re in. There are no mystery downloads wrapped in an “offers manager” to provide “helpful” (actually dangerous) add-ons. Download directly from authors and publishers, only at SoftwareKB.com.

SoftwareKB is cross-platform, and mobile-enabled.

The Software Knowledge Base also includes:

  • Software News
  • Wrappers Gallery: See What software downloads look like when they’ve been tampered with.
  • Definitions: Learn about PUPs, wrappers, monetizers, and and adware model. Knowledge leads to safe downloading.
  • Articles on Software Safety

Software Knowledge Base / SoftwareKB.com is a project of Science Translations.