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September 13th, 2006 at 4:43 am

Viewer Manager

by kurtzern on Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:04 pm
The “Viewer Manager” in my WP10 (2000) died, and re-installing the program did not bring it back. Any ideas?

Relatedly, the Viewer Manager in WPX3 offers only ill-proportioned hints: any hope for a return to the very functional Viewer Managers of WP8 and before? Has anyone been driven to re-install WP8 to regain that most useful feature?

(I have no use for the other Corel programs, and I am a pretty straight word processing user — few if any tables, etc.)



Got me. There is no listing for a “viewer manager” in the WP10 help file. Is it for viewing files, fonts, graphics? Where is it? Perhaps it has another name? Not QuickView, is it? That was a separate bundled product, with a separate install on the WP10 CD.

Jerry Stern

Postby kurtzern on Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:12 pm
Hi again Jerry,

(We really have to stop meeting like this!)

By “Viewer Manager” I mean what comes up when one clicks on the “Preview” icon in the WordPerfect “Open File” Button Bar — the one between “Folders” and “Favorites” (aren’t they great at alphabetical order?)

The right side of that screen opens and one is supposed to be able to see (“view”) a part of the document that is chosen/highighted on the left side of that screen. I really do not know what to call it, but since the message I get in WP10 is “Viewer not available,” I thought there was some little guy or gal in there managing the thing, only she or he seems to be on perpetual break these days. I am not unfamiliar with labor stoppages, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Any hope?



From your other posts I gather that you have multiple versions of WordPerfect installed. I do too, and the Viewer, which is a feature I haven’t used since version 6.0, doesn’t work for me in 8, 10, 12, or X3. Some crash, some flash, some don’t appear. Odd–11 works.

In looking further, I see that Corel has no useful articles on this in the knowledge base (beyond saying that it must be turned ON in Tools, Options, Display), but I found a clue–it looks like it’s a shared program that applies to all Corel products. The program files are duplicated, always in Programs\Viewers for each version.

That implies a problem of design, where the registry settings can only handle one version of the viewer, which might not be the newest one.

Checked my notebook, which only has X3. It works.

I don’t see a fix that will definitely work, but it’s possible that removing all the WPs and cleaning the settings out (there’s a tool for that on the Corel site) and then installing just one version of WP should work.

That’s a big test, and I won’t try it here, as I do need all these versions for answering posts here.

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