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September 16th, 2006 at 4:46 am

Useless WPX3 toolbar

post by kurtzern on Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:08 pm
Does anyone else find the bottom-most WPX3 toolbar as useless and distracting as I do? More importantly, is there any way of getting rid of this obnoxious addition. A large indictment against Micro$oft has been the extraneous “goodies” they add to their occasionally useful programs. Is Corel now following that example?

(I mean the bar that begins with a “WordPerfect” box followed by that most obnoxious Yahoo icon. The other toolbars are editable and dispensable: why not this one?)

All help appreciated.


You can right-click that toolbar, and uncheck it. It will go away. But FIRST, right-click and look at the other toolbars available. Most are specialized, but not all. I’ve been using the one marked “WordPerfect 7”, for the same reason–the Yahoo! logo won’t stay gone after I edit if off the default toolbar. The right end of the toolbar is where I add buttons for typesetting features, and I don’t use WordPerfect to search the net, and wouldn’t use Yahoo! for that in any case.

As to why… First the disclaimer… I’m not associated with Corel in any way beyond having bought their products and selling add-in clip art cataloger software that runs in their product (https://www.graphcat.com) for the past 15 years. And any comment of mine is a guess.

Guess: They probably get paid for the Yahoo! clicks, just like I get paid if someone clicks my Google ads on these pages, or runs a search from my suggested home page for hardware customers (http://www.filetiger.com/start) and then clicks an advert from a search result. It’s pennies. But it’s enough to pay for running this board, and for Corel it might be enough to pay them enough to damage their product with embedded click-ads.

And Adobe is doing it too, in Adobe Reader 7. And version 6 installed a program link for online paid printing of PDFs called “PrintMe”. At least that was vaguely related to the product.

If you dislike that ad, tell Corel (and Adobe, too) that you don’t like it. Send a request for uninstall instructions to Corel through technical support. Every support request costs money; if the ad button isn’t profitable, it will be gone in the next version.

Jerry Stern
Moderator and Webmaster

Post by kurtzern on Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:04 pm
Thanks Jerry,

First, that toolbar does not respond to a right-click; this may be because I am using the “trial” version of Standard until my Student-Teacher version arrives. I hope so. Since I get neither support (Hah!) nor manual with that, I trust they will not dare overburden it.

I find none of the pre-canned toolbars adequate for my purposes, so the first thing I do in any WP setup is to create my own toolbar. I’ve been doing that since my baptism into WP4.2 in DOS days. I do not object to all bells and whistles; I just want them to be my bells and whistles. A program, after all, is a tool. I gather that that concept is beyond most current programmers.

I will devote my spare time this week to being as obnoxious as possible to Corel Support. At least I can turn the TV off or mute the commercials: that only-a-jerk-could-tolerate Yahoo icon deserves its name. It is an obscenity on my screen.

FYI, BTW: my Adobe 7.0 Standard is not that encumbered, or else I was able to get rid of it — I forget now.

Thanks again. I wish I lived closer to Baltimore!

ernie kurtz

Postby Graphcat on Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:44 am

Very possible. Be sure to completely uninstall the trial version before installing the full version. The trial version was created using Installshield, the most popular install builder among corporate software companies, who bought because it’s the most expensive, not because it’s good. It’s not reliable on trials.

While looking at the previewer problem, I found an answer to the Yahoo! problem.

Run the setup program again, choose the option to change which program features are installed, and expand the list for WordPerfect. The last item is Yahoo! Search; pull down the right-side tab, and choose the bottom option, to not install. Click Next and finish the setup program. That took the Yahoo! button off the main toolbar, and my edited changes are sticking.

The younger programmers were raised on game writing in object-oriented (click anything, something should happen) programming. Some old-timers were taught programming by flow charts to map out an actual process in a sequence. It really does make a difference in the final result.

kurtzern wrote:FYI, BTW: my Adobe 7.0 Standard is not that encumbered, or else I was able to get rid of it — I forget now.

It’s in the free Reader. It’s not in my 6.0 Pro.

kurtzern wrote:Thanks again. I wish I lived closer to Baltimore!
ernie kurtz

Yes, Bawlmer is nice. But now I’m nearly as far from there as from Warshington. 🙂 Westminster MD is farms and bedrooms for DC.
Jerry Stern
Moderator and Webmaster

Postby kurtzern on Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:22 pm
Is Westminster Eastern Shore?

Speaking of skinned cats, at least on the trial version, I found I could right-click drag the offending toolbar completely off. I’m not sure if it will re-appear when I re-open WP, but even if it does, that is a simpler move than monkeying with set-up in a trial version. I just hope they have not mucked up the Educational version beyond depriving it of support and manual. But thanks for the hint when I do get to setting that up.


No, Westminster is in Carroll County, 25 miles NW of Baltimore, and around 30 north of the DC beltway.

From what I’ve seen of the X3 versions, the variations aren’t major. The programs themselves are pretty much unchanged, and the variations are mostly in what’s in the bundle, and some bulky stuff like graphics, fonts, and the larger set of language modules.

Jerry Stern
Moderator and Webmaster

Postby kurtzern on Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:56 am
Jerry: Thanks. Except for the utility to me of what is headed the “Previewer,” I’d probably skip X3 and return to WP10. I did futz around a bit copying various files in the “Viewer” folder from the X3 to the WP10 location, but without accomplishing anything. And I am a bit shy about monkeying around under the hood unless such seems really needed.

I’m intrigued by the two completely separate locations of the two programs. WP10 (and WP Office2002) are in c:\ProgramFiles\Corel; X3 resides at c:\ProgramFiles\WordperfectX3. This simplifies file copying endeavors, though I have not yet found a way to make “Previewer” available in WP10.

It also seems to allow having WP in X3 and in WP10 open at the same time. Any thoughts in the advisability or in- of doing that?

FYI: I have 1 gig of RAM on this Dell 8250 and usually have three browsers open (Netscape, Firefox, Maxthon) with XMradio playing from one NS window; also ProCite and X1 (a file search program) and MailWasher and Thunderbird on ready alert. My a-v etc. program is the Kaspersky suite, and I also have Roboform and FreeMemPro running. Even with this load (but with only X3, not WP10 running), FreeMemPro show about 500 mgs of RAM available. I’ve cut Dragon Naturally Speaking from start-up, but I do access it occasionally without difficulty.

Suggestions or observations?

ernie kurtz

Postby Graphcat on Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:01 pm

It works fine. I do that sometimes, as it’s the only practical way, on a dual-monitor setup, to have two copies of WordPerfect open at the same time, and have each one maximized on one monitor. You can stretch one copy of X3 across one monitor, open 2 documents and tile them side-by-side, but then X3 can’t keep up with the display and there is major rewrite flicker. But X3 and 12 (or 11, or 10), each open on one screen, works very well.

The usual cautions apply–1 Gb of RAM is good, and 128 Mb of video RAM is a must, on a good nVidia GeForce card, 6200 or higher.

Jerry Stern
Moderator and Webmaster
Author of Graphcat and FileTiger