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published by Science Translations

June 15th, 2006 at 7:21 pm

The rule of 12

Hello – I just started using Rel. 12 and for some incredible reason it is stuck on using Font Size 12.

No matter what I do, any attempt to override the 12 font size is prevented. The font code looks like X/12 wherever the font is displayed in reveal codes with the X being whatever size I tried to use.

Could someone plse help me destroy the rule of 12 so I don’t have to keep going back to release 8. :^|

Thanks a bunch.

Bob Price

It sounds like you’re trying to use a printer font that doesn’t exist in anything but a size 12. That’s just barely possible if there is no defined printer on the system, or if the default printer is a dot matrix or a very old laser.

WordPerfect (all versions) will automatically substitute an available font for a font that it detects as missing or corrupted. If it does that, it will show up in Reveal Codes with an asterisk by the name in the code, and if you put the insertion point directly to the left of the font code in Reveal Codes, it should expand to show you both the font you chose and the font it substituted.

Fix? Hmmm. First, check that your default printer has been setup. Second, check that your default document initial font is TrueType, and is NOT a printer font. To do that, from a new document, press F9 (font), pick the font you will use as the document initial font. (Look for the little ‘TT’ logo at the left for TrueType; a picture of a printer means a printer font–they cause problems; avoid them.) Then click the ‘Settings’ button, and choose “Set point and typeface as default for all documents.”
Note that this new font will apply ONLY to new documents.

There is another possibility, and this applies only if the problem is showing up on old documents previously created in WordPerfect 8, or any other program requiring an import, like Word. If those documents were originally created using an old printer that was generally used with built-in fonts (printer fonts again), WordPerfect will change the formating during retrieval. Take a look at the setting (in Tools, Settings, Environment) “Reformat documents for the WordPerfect default printer on opening” and test reversing that setting to see what effect it has on your old documents.

If the problem is in the automatic font substitution, it’s possible to edit that–look in the help file on the Find tab for ‘font subtitution’ for full instructions. Short version–it’s F9 (font), click Settings, Edit font mapping.

by RBPrice on Thu Jun 15, 2006 6:56 am
Thanks for the response Jerry – I fussed with things this morning and it seems to be something in the file itself. It was created in WP8 and WP12 doesn’t like something. It is a form I used to invoice my customers.

I test several other old WP8 files and they all seem to be OK so I will just recreate the form.

Thanks again.
Bob Price

If the file is corrupt, you can also try using Insert, File to add it to a nearly blank document, with just a space typed in it. That repairs some files.

by RBPrice on Thu Jun 15, 2006 3:16 pm
Hello again Jerry – the problem was a non True Type font selected at the start: Sans Serfif 10.

Once I got rid of that, things went back to normal.

Plse give me your snail mail address and I will send you a 6 pack of Guiness Stout.

Bob Price

Hmmm. Virtual beer… 😉

Well, it’s here: http://www.sciencetranslations.com/contact

But I hate to think what the USPS would do to it in transit. (sigh)
Oh, well.