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October 18th, 2012 at 10:51 am

Service Pack 3 for WordPerfect X5

There is a new service pack for Corel WordPerfect X5. The ‘Check for Updates’ isn’t picking it up here, although it does show some hot fixes. To get it manually, click over to Corel’s support pages, here:


From the release notes, the version number after applying service pack 3 will be

Bug fixes include, again from the release notes:

Suite-wide fixes

  • WordPerfect file-management dialog boxes (“enhanced file dialogs”) now correctly display QuickFinder after the feature is installed using the “Programs” option (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or the “Add/Remove Program” option (Windows XP).
  • The “OpenFile()” PerfectScript macro command now works as expected when using the “Append!” enumeration.

WordPerfect fixes

  • WordPerfect (WPD) files resaved on NTFS drives now preserve the indexing attribute.
  • Handling of document properties when checking in files to a Microsoft SharePoint server has been improved.
  • NTFS file permissions and ownership are now maintained when overwriting a file using the “File > Publish to PDF” feature.
  • A macro triggered by the “PreClose!” event no longer causes errors during the “CloseAll” event.
  • When closing the application, WordPerfect now displays the appropriate document when the user is prompted with a warning message about unsaved changes.
  • The title bar now displays the correct checkout status after cancelling a Microsoft SharePoint server check-in.
  • The presence of a “PostNew” macro no longer triggers a macro security warning when opening a WPD file.
  • Note: “PostNew” macros are only triggered when found in a WordPerfect template (WPT) file.
  • Custom label-sheet sizes are now retained.
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2008 R2 has been improved.