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February 16th, 2010 at 9:47 am

“Pref” Macro Commands

From Adrian Roth:

Environment: WordPerfect
Windows XP Professional SP 3
When I try to use the following macro commands:
PrefLocationOfDocuments or

I get a ‘Parameter error’ message, regardless of the parameters specified. The parameter in error is not indicated. Is there something special about these commands, something that I should know?

Those commands are in the old style, where each command includes a set of brackets and options. I’ve had reliable results by ignoring them. Instead, go to the WordPerfect Macro Help file, and browse through the section of “Current WordPerfect System Variables”. I think you’ll use “?PathDocument” and “?PathMacros”, but there are also options for the supplemental folders for each of those settings.

These system variables are easy to use without parameters; this sample works in my code, to assign the current Graphics path to a variable named GPath: