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September 12th, 2008 at 7:07 pm

Margins Much Too Large

Postby Graphcat on Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:10 pm
(From my mailbag…)

Hello, I’m running Windows Vista, recently upgraded RAM so there\’s plenty of disc space. I have WordPerfect Office X3.

I’m working on a lengthy manuscript. Every time I re-open the file, the upper and lower margins have re-set themselves, in some cases to 5+ inches, so there\’s only one or two lines of text on a page. I reset on individual pages, doesn\’t stick. I reset through formatting, doesn\’t stick.

We have an HP printer, removed one connection to it but that didn’t work. Please help! I have to finish this book asap!


I suspect that the problem is in the paper size definition. That can be caused by:
Bad margin sizes in the paper size (OR TYPE) currently selected. Look in Format, Page, Page Setup, Edit, which will show settings for the currently-selected paper size.

Bad settings in the printer driver. (Heard this one a few times with HP printers–try changing to any other driver as a test. FAX is OK for testing how the page changes.) It’s something in the paper definitions, which you can access from the printer list in control panel, likely in Properties, Page or Paper–it varies with the printer. Don’t access this from WP’s print menu–that won’t reset the defaults for the printer–go through Control Panel to change defaults.

Hint–If a newly created document is OK, it’s more likely the paper size. If not, it’s either the printer issue, or a corrupted default WP template, which can be renamed, but that will cause you to lose any customization to document types and toolbars.

Also possible: a misplaced code for adding space below a header, or a header/footer with excess blank space. If it’s happening on both upper and lower margins, this is less likely.

I suspect this is not a Vista issue or specifically a X3 issue. Adding ‘RAM’ will not increase ‘drive space’. RAM is chips (think erasable blackboard), drive space is on the hard drive (think file cabinet). Both are measured in Gb. It’s unlikely to be a drive space issue.
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