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April 3rd, 2006 at 7:12 pm

lost icons!!!!!!!!!!

Post by colorbzb on Mon Apr 03, 2006 7:51 pm
I have a question regarding WORD PERFECT. My friend and I were using it to write poetry and she inadvertently hit something that removed the icons on the task bar and we can’t get them back. 😯 Do you know how to get them?
thanks,colorbzb 😯

Probably just turned off the toolbar, but I don’t know which one was running. You’ll have to experiment a little. Go to the View menu, choose ‘Toolbars…’ and try out the items on the list. Most likely, you had the “WordPerfect 12” toolbar running, or the version matching your WordPerfect installation. You can run as many as you like, but they’re very similar, and they all take up screen space, so one is generally plenty.

It’s also possible to actually remove the icons by right-clicking the bar and choosing to edit them, but that is actually difficult to do damage with–to remove a button, you’d have to drag them off the bar, one at a time. I doubt that’s what she did.