WordPerfect Photo Album Catalogs & Clip Art

published by Science Translations

May 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am

Graphcat 6.1 released, Update for Corel WordPerfect X5

Graphcat 6.1 is available now. The new release of Graphcat Photo Album Builder and Clip Art Cataloger adds support for Corel’s new release X5 of WordPerfect, and updates installation support of Graphcat in Windows 7, in both 64-bit and 32-editions.

Free downloadable upgrades are available on request to all purchasers of Graphcat during 2010.

Discounted upgrades are available for purchasers of Graphcat in any previous edition, any platform, any operating system; contact Science Translations support for a $10 upgrade coupon, and include your contact information (address, phone, email) used at the time of the original purchase.

GRAPHCAT creates editable photo and art catalogs and albums in Corel WordPerfect.

GRAPHCAT is a set of macro packages for Corel WordPerfect. The macros read any directory and create a printable catalog of the graphics files they find. All graphics file formats supported by WordPerfect can be inventoried and cataloged by GRAPHCAT, and any printer supported by WordPerfect may be used, including the PDF export in WordPerfect’s version X3 or above.

Graphcat’s printouts may be completely custom designed, if you wish, or you can use the default settings of four columns and 1″ height for each image, which results in 28 images per page (on US letter paper). Any combination of columns and image heights may be chosen for a catalog. International users: Graphcat will accept measurements in metric measurements as well as inches, and uses your default paper size, whether it is A4, US Letter, or Landscape.

Each catalog can be identified with a title of your choice, or Graphcat can provide an automatic catalog title of “Clip Art in ” and the path and directory that was searched. The new graphics formats supported by each new release of WordPerfect carries over to Graphcat, including support for JPG, GIF, and PNG images in recent versions of WordPerfect.