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published by Science Translations

April 24th, 2012 at 9:58 am

Formatting Documents to Read on a Smart Phone

Lately, I’ve been setting up reference documents to make them readable on my smart phone. I may want them when I’m not near a computer, and they’re not materials I would put online, like server settings and short technical notes. PDF works well for this, but to reduce zooming, it’s best to format them in advance.

First, I’ve created a new page definition, _Cell screen. (In WordPerfect, that’s Format, Page, Page Setup, Add). For Size, choose User Defined Size, 2″ wide, 3.5″ tall. For document margins, click on Minimum–should be 0.1″ all around. Return to the document.

Zoom setting should be set to 100% to preview the look on a smart phone’s screen. I find 8 point type to work well, and not need zooming. Start from there.
Use File, Publish to PDF to create the PDF image. Check it in Adobe Reader, using the Zoom setting (View, Zoom, Actual Size) to see what it looks like.

Finally, send it to your phone. Methods vary with the phone, but on Android, the app ‘AirDroid’ does a great job.